Interview: Harlton Empire with "Rising Country Star Kendra Kay"

Interview: Harlton Empire with "Rising Country Star Kendra Kay"

Harlton Empire - An Interview With Rising Country Star Kendra Kay (By: Kat Harlton)

Manitoba Country Music Association (MCMA) Female Artist of the Year Kendra Kay recently released her new single ‘Better Off’. Written by Terri Clark and Deric Ruttan, the track also features Terri Clark on background vocals.

‘Better Off’ tells the story of a newly engaged country girl who learns of her fiance’s infidelities and decides that her big engagement ring is ‘Better Off’

We had the chance to catch up with Kendra and talk about her new single, working with Terri Clark, and what’s on her playlist.


Kat: Could you speak about the inspiration behind your new single ‘Better Off’?

KK: When I first got pitched “Better Off”, I instantly knew that this was I song I wanted to record. It has such a cleverness behind the lyrics that I fell in love with. Plus, this song is full of attitude! The whole idea of realizing you’re better without someone sometimes is really relatable for listeners.

Kat: What does it mean to you to sing a song written by someone as influential as Terri Clark, and for her to provide back-up vocals on your track?

KK: It is truly an honour to have such a Canadian country icon, like Terri, to be such a big part of this song. I have grown up always being a big fan of Terri Clark, I even remember attending her concert when I was about 11 years old and if you would have told me then, that I would get this opportunity, I would have never believed it in a million years. For her to be so helpful and supportive with me on this track really means a lot!

Kat: Who are some of your musical idols or role models?

KK: My biggest musical idols are pretty much all the country artists of the 90’s and early 2000’s, that’s the music I grew up listening to and is today still a big influence in the music that I play and record for myself. But if I had to pick just one, I have always idolized Shania Twain!

Kat: What was the experience like of headlining the Manitoba Stampede?

KK: It was great to headline the Manitoba Stampede this year. I have been attending the MB Stampede for as long as I can remember with our horses as part of the rodeo performance. So to get to come back this past summer as their headliner on stage was awesome for me!

Kat: What’s on your playlist right now?

KK: Right now, and as always, my playlist is full of the good ol country music I grew up on. George Strait, Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Travis Tritt, and so on, and lately I have noticed how much new FEMALE country music I have been adding into my playlist. Our Canadian Country girls, like Meghan Patrick, Madeline Merlo, Jess Moskaluke, Alee, are really blazing a trail and showing how strong women in country truly are.

New Single Release "I Take My Country"

2015 MCMA Female Artist of the Year, Kendra Kay releases new single "I Take My Country." Available on iTunes

Watch official video for "I Take My Country." Kendra Kay - I Take My Country (Official) - YouTube                                                                         

New Single Release "I Take My Country" January 28, 2016

I'm very excited to be releasing my new single "I Take My Country" on January 28, 2016. I wrote this song with Jack Williams and Josh Shada in Nashville, TN. As a true country girl at heart, coming from a small town of only 500 people, this song captures the love and pride I feel towards my country roots. I am very fortunate to have the amazing opportunity to travel Canada and the US with my music, but no matter what city I travel to as the song says, "I make it country everywhere I go. Keep it in my heart so I'm never far from home!" 

Kendra Kay wins Female Artist of the Year at 2015 Manitoba Country Music Awards

I'd really like to thank the Manitoba Country Music Association, the sponsors, the volunteers, and of course all the wonderful people that voted! This was so unexpected and the shock hasn’t worn off yet! I'd also like to congratulate all the other nominees. To even be among them is a huge honour!

I am so honoured and humbled by this award. Four years ago I started this musical journey by traveling down to Nashville, and the past two years have seen me releasing my very first single to Canadian country radio, my first EP release, a national radio tour, and countless live performances that have made me feel more than welcome in the Canadian Country Music Family. It has been an incredible journey thus far, and I'm so grateful to the radio stations that have played my songs, the festivals and venues that have had me perform, and my friends, family and YOU THE FANS for all your amazing support!! 

I love what I do, but one of the first things I learned is how much work this business is and how tough it can be. Your likes, comments, words of encouragement and continued support has kept me going through all of this and I couldn't be more grateful.  I still have a long journey ahead of me, but this is truly a night I won't forget. And from the bottom of my heart, once again THANK YOU!